Bill &  Hannah
are getting married!
The ceremony will be held at Highland Presbytarian Church located at 500 E Roseville Rd, Lancaster, PA 17601
The reception will be held at the Lancaster Country Club located at 1466 New Holland Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601
Maid of Honor

Megan Byorick 
Megan and Hannah have known each other all their lives, not as sisters but as cousins! As they grew older, they grew closer. Megan is the friend who knows Hannah inside and out. She is always there to share in the big and little moments in life, and to take impromptu shopping trips. The relationship Megan and Hannah have formed over the years is very dear to Hannah’s heart, and she is so thankful Megan will be standing by her on the big day!
Bridesmaids ​​

Tabitha Rehm
Hannah’s sister Tabitha is a steadfast rock. Hannah has enjoyed seeing her sister grow over the years, first into an excellent nurse in the ICU, and, most recently, into a mother to Hannah’s one year old niece, Ivy. Tabitha loves and cherishes her daughter, and the sisters have bonded over Ivy’s adorableness.
​​Alice Matthews
Alice is Hannah’s oldest friend; they met when they were in middle school. Since then, their friendship has supported them through high school, college, career changes, more college and the ups and downs that come with everyday life. Alice’s adventurous spirit and willingness to try new things encourages Hannah to do the same.
​​Kelly Garcia
Sister of the groom, Kelly welcomed Hannah into the family with open arms. From the start, Kelly has shown Hannah warmth and generosity, which created an easy and close relationship. Hannah is thankful that Kelly endured Bill during childhood, even though he threw worms at her. Throughout the wedding planning process, Hannah has relied on Kelly’s good taste and honest feedback.
​​ Julie Muggli
Second sister of the groom, Julie met Hannah with a handshake...and then Bill asked Julie if this was a business transaction, which prompted Julie to meet Hannah with a hug. Julie and Hannah have bonded over many cocktails at the Horse Inn. Although they do not share the same competitive side when it comes to shuffle board, Julie’s enthusiasm for Bill’s happiness made Julie and Hannah instant friends.

Beth Shook​​
Beth and Hannah met through Bill at Buffalo Wild Wings during a football game. Who was playing...clearly not important. Hannah did not remember the game, but she did notice Beth’s friendly and outgoing nature. Their friendship has grown over the past few years, and Hannah can always count on Beth to meet for brunch, or to lend an ear and help her see things from a different perspective.
Best Man ​​

Simon Mullen
Simon and I met as coworkers slinging caffiene. We didn't work together for long, so luckily our friendship grew quickly. We bonded over yearly Phillies away trips, beach vacations and lions head caps. I was lucky enough to be one of the best men at Simon and Katie's wedding last year. They really set the bar high for us, both with the wedding and their relationship. More than anyone I know, Simon and I matured together. It's scary to think who we were when we met, but I'm immensely proud of what we have become.

Bob Reed
Not long after I met Simon, Bob moved in with him. Even though we have lived in the same state for maybe 9 months since we met over 10 years ago, we didn't let that stop us. After requiring flights over 4 hours long, we only need some quick hikes and BBQ to keep us happy. Bob is an avid dancer, Supra enthusiast, and can always be found on Sunday afternoons at the local Eagles bar.

Jason Shaver​​
I met Jason like I met most people back then, at one of Simon and Bob's parties. We bonded over beer as both of our tastes changed from quantity to quality. Jason is fiercly (always in the kindest way possible) loyal to family and friends. Jason is always willing to share a beer and an adventure - even if it is bottle #1 of 3 of a loon made of sahara rainwater aged 12 years in barrels made from raised pirate shipwrecks.  

Matt "Teo" Williams​​
Jason was my gateway to a whole group in Shillington dubbed the S-crew. Teo was one of the first and best friends that I made from them, and along with Jason, was my gateway into the group. Teo is an avid gamer, and graciously hosts our annual wing sauce and chili competitions. I'll never be able to beat Teo in smash brothers, but I sometimes get beginner's luck on board games that require limited skill.

Nick Pakosky​​
Nick is hard to nail down - in a good way. Nick is always on his toes, ready for whatever life has in store for him. I've never met someone so driven to be able to retire by the age of 40, and he always has his eyes on the finish line. That being said, Nick can have fun too. In case you were wondering, Nick does not have the ability to eat 12 hot dogs in 10 minutes.

Ryan Shook​​
Ryan and I met at Millersville, and got to know each other at game nights at mutual friends' house. It's slightly ironic, because Ryan isn't a fan of board games.That doesn't mean that Ryan isn't competitive though. We would spend many evenings beating each other up on the racquetball court, and if it tried to keep up with him on MMORPGs it might just kill me.
Hotel Information

We have reserved a small group of rooms at the nearby Eden Resort and Suites. If you would like to book one of these rooms, please present group code 1363954 while booking online, or calling 888-477-7793. We ask that anyone interested in one of these rooms book by March 28th, as the rooms will be released to the general public after this date.
Dress Code​​

We ask that our guests observe a "formal with jackets optional" dress code during both the wedding and reception. If you have any questions on specifics, we would be glad to clarify.


Registry Information

Your presence at our wedding is the greatest gift of all. However, if you wish to honor us with a gift, we have registries with the retailers listed below. Clicking on the images below will take you directly to our registries, or you may bring the corresponding registry number to any physical location.